Some basic knowledge about the operation of international ai

2016-07-04 17:02
Way international air transport companies have dedicated staff responsible for booking, the early years of writing in paper-based way, as the network of information technology development, and now the people are mostly used air bookings online booking and air booking You are required to provide detailed information on air cargo, including volume, gross weight, quantity and type of packaging of goods (including: cardboard boxes, metal box, card board and wooden box).
In addition to the above information, but also include full name of the goods (including Chinese and English), if the air is bulky goods must indicate the length and breadth (unit: cm), and then determine the class flag airline and accommodation, if the owner there are special requirements, needs air bookings and airline personnel consultation, finalized by the airline whether to meet the special requirements of the owner.
Upon receipt of the owner of a single air transport and air transport bookings, be sure to carefully check the goods before entering the warehouse need to check the good bookings (AIR BOOKING) data. The operator must check the good customers talk shippers, consignees, and carriers, the English name of a wide range of goods available.
Operator time to arrange cargo warehousing, customs data convergence and make matters based on the case of goods ready for flight situation. Told customers to ensure that the goods and packaging prior to the registration of the same, and keep the packaging intact, to avoid rejection airlines, customs data preparation is complete and whether the presence or absence of random files. Customs declaration and accompanying documents with the goods to the airport or to the goods than the first delivery to airport customs department.
Warehousing Formalities Preparation before pick-up.
When the airport cargo terminal cargo warehousing machines, warehousing warehousing personnel to do with the "Consignment" safety certificate, air tag, after the goods to the warehouse, after checking the goods intact to attach a label on the packaging of goods, volume size, weighing. And record kept.
Air Waybill production.
According to the cargo warehouse provided into custody after weighing a single airport, as airline agents in accordance with the size of the weight weighing on the list produced original air waybill. Original waybill as one in which a joint declaration card along with other information on the declaration submitted together to the customs declaration.
Pay a single after the declaration, customs department to review, organize offers of a complete declaration card, through a single, sending, customs single center trial, after approval, to submit a written declaration of the original information to the customs declaration, etc. link, if the document is no problem, generally two hours can be released, such as the document in question for an emergency contact customer support to provide relevant information document. Otherwise cargo transfer will be delayed.
After customs clearance, waybills and related documents (random files, etc.) handed loading at the specified counters. Commonly known as "pay a single."
Billing Tracking
Finance Department settlement, open DEBIT NOTE notice or invoice.
Notify Customer Service Department to track flight information, such as use of overseas agents to be done to help follow up information to overseas agents.
Shipment tracking recall.
Follow customs tax write-off situation.
Special Note: guests packing slips, invoices To complete, accurate, and write off a single export data to be transmitted to Customs; timely when submitting data to pay customs. For imported goods, to illustrate the use of the goods, the composition of materials, Chinese goods name and other details.